Department of Academic Enrichment

Department of Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

Director of Access and Success
  Chigozie Achebe, Ed.D.
Part-time Act 101 Program Coordinator
  Brian Johnson, M.A.
Director, University Tutorial Services
  Karen Hamman, D.Ed.
Chairperson, Academic Enrichment
  Jennifer Oast, Ph.D.

Department Secretary
  Lisa Clippinger
Department Secretary
  Ailien Pham

Department of Academic Enrichment
40 Student Services Center

Academic Enrichment Faculty

Mission Statement

The Department of Academic Enrichment serves at the heart of the university and strives to prepare a diverse student population through a holistic, inclusive, and collaborative approach to academic support services, to overcome obstacles and achieve their educational goals while strengthening institutional retention and graduation. We aspire to support academic content and skill-building, decision-making, and social engagement. Students commit to act as agents of change in their academic, professional and personal lives as they successfully advance through their undergraduate experience and beyond.

Act 101/EOP

The Act 101/EOP provides access and support for students who have traditionally been under-represented in higher education. Approximately half of the students enrolled in this program are minority group members; sixty percent are women and 20 percent are older than the traditional college student.

University Tutorial Services

University Tutorial Services offers free peer tutoring in a variety of courses and is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at the University. The Department of Academic Enrichment maintains the following components in its mission to facilitate "... the cognitive and affective growth of all learners, at all levels of the learning continuum."

  • A centralized program
  • Mandatory assessment of students
  • Mandatory placement of students
  • Tutorial services
  • Tutor training
  • Advising and counseling services
  • Program evaluation

    Developmental Courses (Courses do not count toward graduation)  

    Reading I (Summer Only) 3 credits
    Reading II 3 credits
    Writing I (Summer Only) 3 credits
    Writing II 3 credits
    Introductory Algebra 3 credits
    Intermediate Algebra 3 credits


    Courses that count for graduation  

    College Study Skills 1 credit
    College Reading and Study Skills   3 credits
    Intensive Eng ESOL   3 credits
    The Art of Possibility and Mindfulness Practice (Values & Ethics)   3 credits
    Personal Mastery and Mindfulness Practice (Free Elective) 3 credits