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"Sweet Treats"

Homecoming '18

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Two gifts provide experiential
learning opportunities

Student Success

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Starting college all over again


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Military students honor lives lost
in wake of 9/11 tragedy


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Hispanic Heritage Month


Dallas Kriebel

A local’s guide to the Bloomsburg Fair

We're fast approaching an annual milestone that molds our university culture with the rural realm around us. Each year, people come together for a week from far and wide in the only town in PA to celebrate: the Bloomsburg Fair!

I’m from the small town of Benton, about 20 miles north of Bloomsburg. The fair is a huge attraction for us rural neighbors, mainly because you have to drive to Bloomsburg to do anything exciting in the first place. Also, because the surrounding high schools have the whole week off for the fair. If you have never been to "The Fair," I implore you to try it out! Especially if you’re a fan of greasy, fried comfort food on a stick.

MBA group takes leadership to the edge

Developing leadership skills is the heart of BU’s Master of Business Administration program, providing theoretical, analytical and operational expertise needed to meet the challenges of managing resources in dynamic, competitive environments. With this in mind, Leadership on the Edge was launched to give students a hands-on experience that reinforces leadership and management theories taught in the classroom.

This year’s MBA cohort took their LOTE course literally with a field experience to Mt. Washington — the highest peak in the Northeastern U.S. However, for several of the MBA students the climb to the 6,288-foot peak was not the challenging part.

University Fast Facts

Military Friendly
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